Al Taweelah Power Complex Al Taweelah Industrial Area 47688 UAE, Abu Dhabi
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Our Environment

ECPC recognizes the value and importance of health and safety of our employees and stakeholders as well as the protection of our environment.  We believe that we have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of our people, minimize the consumption of resources and control emissions to ensure a healthy planet and sustainable ecosystem for future generations.  ECPC shows this commitment through monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement of our environmental performance in various areas including: climate change; material consumption; air emissions; and waste management.

The company has put in place rigid HSE practices and systems to ensure that the plant poses no threat to the environment in any form – either from emissions or discharges to air and water.  Our commitment to protection of the environment is our utmost priority and every effort is in place to ensure that the company contributes to the development of the environment in the locations that we work in.