Al Taweelah Power Complex Al Taweelah Industrial Area 47688 UAE, Abu Dhabi
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Chairman’s Message

Before the United Arab Emirates became known worldwide as the esteemed and dynamic country it is today, it was once a barren desert and a sleepy fishing port, with only its bare beginnings — the utmost hopes and vision of its wise leadership.

One of the key factors which positively impacted in its incredible improvement is the “power of dreams”.

Twenty years ago, only few would have thought that in this side of the world would spring a lustrous beam of light and rushing flow opportunities for its residents, and later on, for the countless number of nationalities from all across the globe.

Among the few believers of that humble figment of imagination, as others would have put it two decades ago, stood Emirates CMS Power Company (ECPC) that walked hand-in-hand with the UAE during that juncture of history.

Our Company has come a long way since it started in 1998, anchoring on its strategies toward nation-building, business and environmental sustainability.

Today, our organization has carved a leadership position for itself, not only as the pioneer in independent power and water generation, but also for being the first entity in the country to be recognized internationally for greenhouse gas reduction and energy-efficiency as well.

ECPC’s production capacity currently stands at 710MW per hour and 50 million imperial gallons of potable water per day, but it refuses to stop and rest on its laurels.

It vows to continue to innovate, in partnership with various stakeholders to remain true to its mission of ensuring a sustainable business and for the country’s sake as well.

ECPC also continuously banks on its expertise in energy-preservation and waste-reductions to create projects that meet the criteria set by various global monitoring body.

We owe ECPC’s continued success to the hardworking people behind the organization, in that without them, we wouldn’t have seen different milestones unprecedentedly unfold before our eyes. These people are ECPC’s greatest asset.

As we approach the era of digital industrialization, we are leveraging innovative capabilities to ensure our robust success and greater impact on people’s lives.

Our Company diligently hones the new generation by making them equipped with the right skills to keep our great story unfolding.

It is also with great pride that I share with you that 50% of our people are UAE nationals. They are part of our dream, and we will keep on with opening up opportunities for them and their future.

Finally, let me remind you that if we keep on believing that our story is far from over... it will carry us beyond the limits of our deepest imagination.

So, let the “power of dreams” we once had continue to flourish in all of us.

Thank you!